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Become a COTN partner and instantly add value to your product lineup. Our COTN spray offers quick relief from dry mouth and is loved by thousands for its efficacy and natural ingredients.

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Why stock COTN?

COTN has quickly become a go-to favorite for those looking to combat dry mouth. It's a natural add-on to every purchase, effortlessly boosting your customers average order value and satisfaction.Made in an FDA-certified lab in Illinois, COTN is backed by ENTs and dentists for its effectiveness and quality.

What our customers are saying

The buzz is there – our customers are showering COTN with glowing reviews.

Odor neutralizer

Unique and innovative product for anyone who worries about bad smells. Neutra effectively cancels smoke and other unwanted smells on clothes and in the air.

✅ Comes in a neutral scent
✅ Uses a patented formula for molecular odor elimination
✅ Highly effective smoke odor neutralizer

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